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🌷Virlin🌷神奇的正宗抓筋治疗,顶级专业的保健理疗 🌼 Authentic Special Jamu Urut Batin Therapy 🌼

In historical truth, Authentic Juagen Treatment is based on 100% Authentic jamu urut batin therapy from Malay which has 500 years of history. 历史真相中的正宗抓筋治疗,100%正宗来自马来人有500年历史的草药活血疗法。

Magical jamu herbal essence has the cold and hot blood circulation feeling and has the Magical effect of dredging the blood vessels. During the entire course of treatment, you will get to have very high orgasm feeling and relieve your stress throughout your whole body. This is not like other lady’s Fake juagen or any porn service could compared.


Highly Recommedation: Professional Therapist Expertise In 100% Authentic JuaGen & Prostate Maintenance​


Effects of Jamu Urut Batin
Jamu Urut Batin sterilize and detox, dredge the blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, soothes and repairs skin and damaged nervous system. Enhance the elasticity of muscle and meridian tissue, dredge the male and female reproductive system. Enhance male and female fertility and sexuality. Actually 90% of the men does not have any sexuality problem. However, due to all kinds of stress in life and work. The quality of Men sexual function is decreased and deteriorate, as such it is necessary to do body maintenance regularly ~ authentic Jamu urut batin!



Click here for Virlin contact​

Address: Ubi Road 1 Oxley Bizhub 1 (东北部)
(Tai Seng MRT Station Exit B walk about 5mins, or either Macpherson MRT Station Exit A walk about 6mins)
Environment: Easy parking, over 5000 parking lots, can park any model vehicle (可停任何车型)。1500 sqf big and beautiful environment including both rooms.
Working Hours: Morning 9am – Night 11pm

All race are welcome.​

Bio Data
Name: Virlin
Age: 30+ (Stated by her)
Looks: Refer to pictures
Language Proficiency: Chinese, Cantonese, Hakka, English & a little bit of Malayu.​

Ordinary Jamu Urut Batin Therapy Service (No extra charges)
⭐ $120/60mins ⭐
⭐ $170/90mins ⭐

VIP Jamu Urut Batin Therapy Service (No Extra Charges)
***Included confidentiality agreement, no extra charges. If normal customer does not required this VIP service and doesn’t have the following legal Knowledge. Please don’t ask her as she has no responsibility to teach customers concerning such laws***
⭐ $3500/60mins ⭐
⭐ $5000/90mins ⭐

☞ Limited is one customer can bring 2 bodyguards and 1 assistant. Including extra others for 60mins, 40mins for checking environment, 20mins security for leave ☜

⛔ Reminder: Virlin Therapist only for profession treatment. She does not provide body porn service. No False Advice, no Cheating, no Scamming & no Additional Fee For Sensual service or Topless. So please don’t compared her with other woman who does Nuru by selling body service, prostitution service, nude massage and those that can touch boobs.

提醒:Virlin只做专业治疗!不卖身!不欺骗!不误导!不乱按!不脱衣不做另加费色情服务,请不要对比其他女人做Nuru卖身服务、卖淫服务、摸胸服务、裸体按摩 ⛔

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